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    I am looking for the best program out there. I would like the NKJV. Could you all post whose program you use and why you like it?

    Please include the links if you know it. And in your opinion why it is the best bible software program.

    Thanks for all of your help...I want to make a good choice.


    New Visor/PDA user...I love suggestions!
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    I use MyBible from
    I have the NIV version. I like the fact that it is seachable, and you can bookmark passages. If memory is ever a problem I can only install part of the Bible to save space. As a student I love having the bible with me at all times so I can look up scripture when I or a friend need a lift. I haven't forgotten to bring my bible to the study I go to since I installed it.
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    [SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION ENGAGE] Visit my personal website on the visor for discussion of some nice Bible Reader sites:


    After you visit my site, head over to:

    I think they have a free reader and the NKJV is $14.95. I downloaded a free copy of the Modern KJV and that has worked real well too.

    Laridian's product is reviewed here at Visor Central as well:

    The NKJV doesn't appear on Laridian's site at this time.

    I use OliveTree's product just because the reader and the version I'm reading were free. It has similar features to Laridian's My Bible. However, in the future, when I decide to actually purchase my favorite version (NIV), I will certainly try out My Bible's demo just to compare it with Olive Tree.


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    MyBible by Laridian is THE hands down, no question, don't even bother looking ANYWHERE else, BEST, (and I mean BEST) Bible program out there. MyBible from Laridian does all that OliveTree's does and more. Well worth the $40.00. I don't use my other bible anymore!
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    I use MyBible from It does everything that I want except for one thing, hopefully they'll add this soon, that is searching for 2 words in a verse that are not consecutive. But aside from that, it is fantastic, bookmarks are great in church when you flip back and forth between passages. Searching for a phrase in the Bible is a bit slow, but that is because of the platform and compression on the program (I think). So I cannot complain. Also, the ability to have multiple versions that you can flip back and forth to is a boon for me as well. Now if I could only figure out how to get my Mongolian Bible in there then it would be perfect :-)

    Mike Lutes
    Missionary to Mongolia
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    Well I just went over to olivetree, and their software does what I want, except they don't have the NIV, oh well, I'm gonna download the KJV (you know the one Paul used, if it's good enough for Paul, it's good enough for me :-)) I'll try it out and let you know, but it does have the search the way I like 2 words in any one verse.

    Mike Lutes
    Missionary to Mongolia
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    Just an additional note in regard to MyBible: Laridian has promised NKJV as their next release. They will not commit to a release date, but they infer sooner rather than later. They have also indicated an intent to upgrade the search feature (which is already the best available).

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    Are any of the olivetree bibles free? i tried to install a couple and all I seem to have are a few books. They make is sound like they are complete. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Skief, check your time line, Paul died aproximatly 67-68 A.D. the King James bible was translated from the Hebrew(Old Testimate) and Greek(New Testimate) to english as the version we know as the King James Version between the years of 1604-1611 A.D. Notice that there is aproxiamtly 1550 year difference between when Paul died and the KJV was writen.
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    It was a joke, dude. A rather common joke in Christian circles, to poke fun at those people that think that the KJV is the only Bible that is really the bible, and the rest are all Perversions From The Pits Of Hell.

    Personally, I like the NIV, which is the version that Luke used. ;-)
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    I found an old (1998) version of MyBible, when it was issued by Servant Software (predecessor to Laridian), and it was **Free** on palmcentral, (i believe, or perhaps palmgear). (prior to the product being taken over by Laridian, it was distributed for free by Servant Software.)

    The palmcentral site also had the RSV (revised Standard Version) (free also), which is very close to the NRSV used in the Episcopal church. The version of MyBible I got doesn't have bookmarks, and has a couple little bugs, but the price was right.

    BTW, (not to start a theological discussion here, but you users seem pretty knowledgeable)---

    what is the difference between the major translations (I know about the KJV obviously), but what are your observations on the NIV, the NKJV, and the RSV/NRSV? Are some used more frequently by certain denominations?

    I seem to note, when one thread asked for polls of what people installed, that lots of folks had MyBible installed. Do you think Palm/Visor fanatics are any more "religious" in reading their scriptures than any others?

    Also, I have been looking (without success) for a PalmOS version of the Episcopal daily or weekly lectionary. Any ideas? It does exist in RTF format, how would I convert it to a palmOS format? (other than cut-and-paste into Memos, with the format and size limitations)

    One reason I was looking forward to my new Visor was the 8meg memory in order to install a bible. I hoped that would encourage me to be more diligent in daily readings. Alas, not yet. But that's a new-year's resolution.

    Another idea for my new Visor is to use it to score my sons' baseball games. There are several programs out there, but I haven't tried yet.

    Regards to all.
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    The "other versions" are all based off of the Revised Version made in the 1800's. They are based off another set of manuscripts that are missing a great amount of scripture. Where they didn't have verses they then refered to the KJV and put special remarks about them not being in the best manuscripts, except the NIV which just leaves out sections of scripture. These "other versions" are being accepted into many churches nowadays as being easier to read and understand, although I find that they tend to oversimplify or even use the writer's own opinions.

    --Just one of my peeves--
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    For those of you who answered my questions...I sincerely appreciate it. Your suggestions have been exactly what I wanted and needed to hear.

    I am probably going to wait for a few weeks for the MyBible version of NKJV. They seem to have a strong product and will be adding to their search feature.

    I am really looking forward to having the bible with me everywhere I cool.

    If you have more input or other suggestions, I am always 'all ears'.



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    Has anyone tried using MyBible with the 8MB flash module? How does it work?
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    Well, I've installed both the MyBible (from, and the Bible Reader (from Here's my comparison.

    For general reading and simple searches for words and phrases, MyBible is much easier to use. For more complex searching and price Bible Reader wins.

    To go to a specific verse in MyBible, you just tap the name of the book in the top right corner, then tap the book you want to go to, then write the chapter number in the graffiti area, then do a colon (or comma, or period - so simplest just tap twice), then write the verse number. For verses and chapters that are 2 or 3 digits, just write the numbers within 2 seconds of each other. Also, the NIV contains the interpreters notes, which you just write 'N' when you see the symbol for a note, and it pops it up on the screen. I wish this would contain more cross-references, but guess that would take more space, but hey what did I buy a visor with 8mb for????

    To go to a specific verse in Bible Reader, well, it took me a while to figure out. But I finally did, you have to go into the find, then write the verse in the find, ex. jn 3 16 will give you John 3:16. Also Bible Reader is much slower on starting up, searching, and going from verse to verse. So what do I like about Bible Reader? First, cost. It's free! Compared to $10 for MyBible, and then the $19.99 for the KJV ($29.99 NIV), and it becomes a little pricey.

    Just one thing missing in MyBible and that is the ability to search for 2 words in a post which are not consecutive. This you can do in Bible Reader.

    So all in all, I like MyBible much better than Bible Reader. Give MyBible 4 1/2 visors out of 5 (would give 5 if it could do the 2 word search), and Bible Reader 4 visors (Mainly because of cost).

    There is a demo for the MyBible available now, which includes the 4 gospels and the book of acts (KJV), so if that is all you use, get it.

    Are there any other Bible Programs out there??
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    Check out for some info on various translations as well as searchable online versions of each.

    The NIV and NASB (my preference) are both quite accurate and good for study. More recent attempts at making the bible more "readable" to a "modern" audience such as the Living Bible or the Message are fine for general reading but are heavily paraphrased and therefore, IMHO, not adequate for serious study.

    BTW, Laridian has both the NIV and NASB (as well as several others) available for MyBible. I can't wait to get my VDx so I can load 'em up.

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