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    What's the best way to synchronize Datebook, Address, ToDo, etc. with Lotus Notes? I've seen a couple of solutions but am leery of plunking down close to $70 for something that doesn't work for me.
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    As you have stated, there are many solutions available. First there is EasySync 3.0 from Lotus. IMHO this product's conflict resolution is pretty braindead and there are very few configurable options.

    There is also Pylon Pro ( This product also allows you to sync databases of your own creation. DominoPower magazine ran an article last year that spells it out pretty well (

    There is also Intellisync from Puma ( I used this product for quite a while, feeling that it has the best conflict catching and resolution on the market and is highly configurable. Unfortunately, the current version (STILL) does not work with Notes R5, only w/ R4.52 and above as well as 4.6x.

    Gregg Ginsberg, Principle-CLP
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    Thanks for the info, Gregg. Pylon Conduit does look good, but $85 seems awful steep. I'll give Intellisync a try as well.
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    Is there a demo version of Intellisync out there somewhere? I've been looking all over the company website and haven't found a thing.

    So far Pylon is working... albeit at the cost of rendering my network connection to our company Notes server unusable for a day and a half. The IS guy still isn't sure how or why, although it is working now and seems to by synching well enough.

    If Intellisync is easier to use, and cheaper to boot, I'd certainly like to try it for myself.

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