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    Sorry if this is a redundant question .. this is my first Treo (650) and can't seem to figure this out:

    When I had ZLauncher (now I just use FileZ), anytime that I had a system alert ("*" that flashes on top left corner) I could just hold down my center button on 5-way navigation button to access my system alerts. Very easy.

    Now that I am not using ZLauncher, though, every time I have a system alert I have to tap on it either with my finger or stylus to look at the alert.

    Is there a one-click way to access these system alerts that I am not aware of???

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    isnt pressing and holding the center button suppose to do this?
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    The only way i knew of was to go the appmenu and tap the alerts icon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    isnt pressing and holding the center button suppose to do this?
    Yes it is, and it does.
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    Download a program called "Alerts." It is a simple app that just brings up the alerts screen.
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    press and hold of the ctr button should still work on your 650. you need the latest beta of zlauncher. search their site, the link has been posted here as well.
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    Duh, it works just the same as it did with when I had ZLauncher: press and hold the center button.

    Thanks to all ... I love my new Treo 650 (even though I had to backup and hard-reset couple of times to stabilize it with several third party apps I have now ... now it's great!)

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