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    My Treo 600 (VZW) died today!

    It seemed to occur when I signed up for an SMS.AC account (

    I never got the 'confirmation' message from them (and just got two text messages from coworkers earlier in the morning) and now my SMS application causes the phone to reset.

    Soft and Hard Resets did not help. I tried the K - backspace Reset too without success.

    Could be sending something (? virus) that cooked my Treo?

    Comments anyone?
    Anyone want to open an account on SMS.AC?

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    another user had this problem before
    see if this works for you;start=9#9
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    Thanks for the link, anitanium.

    I called SMS.AC and they are aware of the problem.

    Bottom Line: Don't sign on to unless you want your Treo to be FRIED!

    (sure wonder what they are sending!)

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