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    I was able to setup gmail on versamail (key is using second smtp port that gmail suggests). My only problem is that sent mail shows up in the inbox after getting messages with versamail. Not a gmail prioblem as messages sent using gmail on web doesn't keep sent items in the inbox, but once I get messages with versamail they show up in the inbox.

    anyone in the same boat?

    any suggestions?
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    actually, it is a gmail "problem" due to their "conversation" format. the same thing happens to me when i retrieve from either Versamail or my desktop Outlook. i've emailed them about the issue (i wouldn't mind if they were retrieved into the "Sent Items" folder but not my Inbox). it might help for them to hear from more people...

    by the way, when you retrieve messages on versamail and then sync to desktop outlook, do the messages then appear in outlook? mine doesn't and i was wondering if this was a bug or not...
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    Don't know about outlook. I only use Gmail via Web (IE) and Versamail.

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    Yea, I hate when I get the same mail 2 or 3 times.
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    it is annoying, but definitely a gmail "conversation" issue as acousticbiker explained. I really do like Gmail and I would stop using Outlook for email if they would allow Gmail to bring in other POP accounts... and maybe Hotmail? ;-)
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    Has anyone heard back from googel on this issue?

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    no, but please keep giving them feedback on the issue.
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    Gmail and Outlook would be treated as separate inboxes in Versamail I think? So the the Outlook conduit would not look in other inboxes to sync.

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