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    I'm considering buying a Visor but would like to know if anyone here is currently syncing to Yahoo! with TrueSync.

    I'm currently syncing to Yahoo! with my Palm III and it works great. Thanks.

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    I used to sync to Yahoo with my Palm Pilot, and I did it for a while with my new Visor, too. From time to time, I would get duplicate entries either on Yahoo or on my handheld, but that happened with the Palm as well as with the visor. Because of that, I decided to stop using Yahoo. But, to answer your question, yes you can sync to Yahoo.
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    This is one of the main ways I use my Visor. I work at home and at my office, so I've got my calendar, address book, etc. on Palm Desktop/Yahoo/Visor. It's not always a perfect sync and duplicates do crop up (but I've got unDupe) but it works well enough! In fact, I've already been places where I've needed to access something via Yahoo, make changes, and know that I can sync them at home on my Visor. It's a great system for me!

    One more I hotsync I always get an "error" message telling me that a TrueSync conduit is open and I either need to start a TrueSync session or close the conduit. I always just click "OK" and everything goes on without a hitch. Perhaps you've experienced this, or perhaps someone else knows whether this is a problem. It isn't for me other than the minor hassle of having click the dialogue box to complete the hotsync operation.

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    I did get the same message as you when I first started using TrueSync but I don't anymore. But I was also getting other error messages and did a lot to rectify them so I can't remember exactly what it was that fixed it.

    One problem I had was that the original TrueSync installation did not disable the native conduits properly. If installed properly, the only conduits that appear are TrueSync, Install, and Install Custom Templates. If any others appear disable them manually. Of course, I'm talking Palm here and not sure about the Visor hot sync interface.

    Other problems I had can be traced to EasySync, the conduit I used for Lotus Notes. Apparanty, EasySync marks each record specially and after you use it you can not use other conduits without resetting the Palm. This is according to Palm tech support which I finally had to call. I doubt that's your problem though. Just a note though that if you do have to access Notes and use other conduits, Intellisync is probably a better option than EasySync.

    But I do agree about Yahoo! I like the fact that I can access my calander and addressbook from anywhere. It's also convenient because I have DSL and always have a browser open on my home or work computer.

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    I installed True Synch and was able to synchronize a few times (had a few duplicate problems, but nothing significant), but then I started getting nasty error messages that I was unable to fix. I don't think it was Yahoo/True Synch's fault; both my work and home computers are networked to my work files, and I think the IT boys put up a new firewall in preparation for Y2K. At any rate I gave it up. Too bad as I like Yahoo's calender and address books, and Mrs. Mtel and I could co-ordinate our calenders (she does not currently Visor). BTW, if you have to take your True Synch down be sure and follow uninstall directions. I tried just deleting the program - big mistake.
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    How do you get True Sync work with Netscape. It is nice to have my addressbook and calander on the web but my address book won't sync with Netscape. The mail sync but the address book dosn't, Is there anyway to get it to?
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    I noticed on the StarFish website that the latest version of TrueSync fixes some of the firewall issues. FYI...


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