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    My original HS phone has begun having the No Service/Network Search bug. Once the battery gets below about 70% I can't make or receive calls even though the indicator shows signal.

    I have hard reset the phone and still have the problem

    Now, here's the real problem. I researched the issue here and found the articles and my phone does fall in the range of ESNs that has this problem. I followed all of the steps listed on PalmOne Solution ID 29609

    When I called Sprint Tech Support and got sent over to the "Treo Support Group" the guy had never heard of this problem or any range of ESNs with a defect. They have no information about this and no indication of any prior reported problems (He was looking...I was on the phone with him for an hour).

    So, I was told to bring it to a Sprint store where I'm sure they'll declare it defective and make me use the LockLine Insurance for a new phone...meaning it will cost me $50 + $10 to get a new phone.

    From what I understand this is a known defect and should be covered under the standard warranty (refurb without the $60 charge). Can anyone give me a Sprint or PalmOne cite to tell this guy about that specifically speaks to the warranty and the ESN range? An message on TreoCentral is not acceptable to the Sprint folks.

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    Solved the issue...Called Sprint 2 more times...finally got put on hold while they checked with level 2 tech support. Thirty minutes later they told me my account had been noted and I could go to the store to get a new 600. I went to the store, waited 30 minutes and got a refurb (they wouldn't give me a new one). Whatever, hopefully it'll work.

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