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    I have tried a few different skins for pTunes (running 3.0.4 deluxe) and some of them have been causing soft resets on my Treo (does not happen on my TE).

    So I was wondering which skins that you have found most compatible with pTunes or do you use the built in ones like "High Fidelity"?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I used to like the low-res version of the ITunes 4 skin on my Treo 600. I bought the hi-res version for my Treo 650 but I found I didn't like it as much. Several of the controls and fonts were too small for my taste and it doesn't show the date/time like High Fidelity. I imagine it would look better on a bigger screen with the same resolution.

    So I'm using hi-res High Fidelity and I like it very much. I wish there were more skins available, though.


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