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    My treo 600 recently took a dump so to speak. I go to the store, phone gets tested... The lady comes back and says she can't figure out what is wrong with it. So I'm happy.... They bring out a refurbed Treo 600 and I ask if I can upgrade to the 650 like some of you have done. They say they can't do that. Is there any possible way to get that phone? I've been a Sprint customer for a little over 6 months and I can't even get the 18 month upgrade plan. Also, my Treo 600 is for sale for $300 dollars.
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    Selling the old one and putting the cash towards a new one outright may be your only option. $300 out of pocket isn't that bad for a phone like the T650.
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    Is $300 a good deal for a new 600? And yes, I would have to agree that that is the only option I have.

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