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    Please fix the roaming. Issues are described in this thread
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    I'd really like the ability to place dial pauses in the contact list for entering account information, passwords, etc. I realize that it can be accomplished on the "favorites" speed dial buttons, but it should also work in the contact list.


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    1. Make Treo 650 start my espresso/cappacino maker in the morning
    2. Make Treo 650 take out my dog for a walk
    3. Make my wife shut up on demand
    4. Make me the richest man in America
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    There are nifty third party solutions to the keyboard backlight being off or on. I don't know if the Treo 650 hardware would support it, but I'd be thrilled to have the ability to adjust the brightness of the keyboard backlight. It is plenty bright. When I need backlighting on the keyboard, the light is too bright (if you are using the Treo in a dark room). If you have sufficient light to see the keyboard, then you don't need the backlight. It is just sucking battery at that point. I would probably leave the backlight set at a very dim setting at all times.

    Of course, it could be that I have overlooked this setting somewhere, and that the capability already exists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NSiNSiNSi
    I would like to add my pet peeve: The old "buttons" control panel where we could assign any app we wanted to all the 4 buttons, not just 2 of them.
    I'm still using TreoButton that I originally got for my Treo 300. It lets you remap all four buttons with and without the option key. The shift+button doesn't work anymore and obviously neither does the Lid Open feature but I like being able to remap that last button.
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    man, I am really second guessing buying one of these. was the 600 a more sound device with better functionality??
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryP2375
    man, I am really second guessing buying one of these. was the 600 a more sound device with better functionality??
    I think it was, and I'm considering upgrading to my 600
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    I bet if I handed you a 600 and a 650, and I said try them both out for two weeks, and give me back the one you don't want, it would be no contest. You would keep the 650.
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    This new T650 would vote for a hardware fix that keeps the microphone from picking up so much background noise.

    I believe that the microphone problem is mostly responsible for the complaints about the T650's "bad audio" in phone mode.
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    Beyond Contacts from DataViz, and other 3rd party apps, do this.

    Unfortunately to do this for the Palm OS would be a major undertaking and impact ALL of the units. And as not all Palm users are also Outlook users, it may not even be reasonable for them to think about this.

    Take care,

    Quote Originally Posted by awesterink
    Expand the built-in Contacts app to sync ALL phone numbers and email addresses. Synchronize all Outlook Calendar recurrence patterns, like multi-day, timed appointments, including those that span midnight.
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    Actually I would expand this and say have the ability to set the startup application.

    Quote Originally Posted by chiselmonkey99
    My treo 300 defaulted to a full page of favorites. I love that since I usually call someone on the favs list. I want the option to default to a full page of favorites
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    The digitizer needs improving. Currently the resolution is very poor, and taps on the screen are sometimes not recognized. This can be verified by using any drawing program, and drawing in it with the stylus. This is the first Palm handheld which does not support handwriting recognition very well.
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    I'm surprised this has been missed till now. The contacts app has some sloppy bugs.

    1. Open up a contact's record and try changing the type of IM or Address just by using the 5-way. The list that pops up when you hit left is always the list of phone types. You'd expect hitting left on the IM field to pop up a list containing "Yahoo" or "MSN" but instead you get "Home", "Mobile", etc. Ditto for addresses. If you try selecting anyway, it will change to the corresponding sequenced item on the correct list (ie. Under IM, "Yahoo" is the third on the list. When you hit left, it shows the phone types, and you select the third item on that list, which is "Fax", the IM field will change to "Yahoo." Quirky bug.) It works but nevertheless is very annoying.

    2. Under Preferences -> Formats, I use the regional setting "Singapore." This makes the contacts app display addresses in a format whereby zipcode is before city, ie. "169661 Singapore." This wasn't the way it was in previous devices and certainly isn't true to the conventional Singapore addressing system. We have always used city BEFORE zipcode. The only country I know which uses zipcode before city is Malaysia. Sloppy job again.
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    Apparently if your hotsync name is more than 10 characters you can't beam some earlier versions or devices...

    Anyone hear about a patch/fix for this? I'd change my hotsync name to a shorter one if it didn't mean having to get new activations for all my s/w .

    see text from PALM1... Solution ID: 31578

    Use a shorter username on the Treo 650:
    User names longer than 10 characters may cause an issue beaming from a Treo 600 to a Treo 650. In order to receive beamed data from a Treo 600, the Treo 650 user name will need to be shortened to 10 characters or less.

    Caution: If you have third-party software that was registered to a specific user name, it may not function properly after this procedure is performed. Contact the third-party developer for more information, and to transfer your software to your new user name.

    On your desktop computer, launch Palm Desktop (even if you synchronize with Microsoft Outlook or another application, open Palm Desktop).
    Select Users from the Tools menu.
    Select the Treo 650 username from the list, then select Rename.
    Enter a username 10 characters or shorter, and select OK.
    Select OK in the Users window.
    Perform a HotSync operation.
    The Treo 600 should now recognize the Treo 650 when beaming.
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    In addition to fixing the MIDI-only ringtone limitation for favorites, support for group ringtones should be built-in, as it is for many cheapo non-PDA phones. At a minimum, I should be able to assign a ringtone for every category in my contacts list (e.g. business, personal, etc.) Ideally, you would be able to create groups when editing your favorites buttons and just select whatever set of contacts you want to be assigned to that group (as long as they aren't already in another ringtone group I guess)
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    Customized ringtones that we add or record (ie: non MIDI) don't even get assigned properly to speed dial contacts. That's a bug and should be fixed.
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    OK this is one I'm surprised I haven't seen yet, but it has been present on both the (CDMA, at least) Treo 600 and the Treo 650:

    When on a call, alerts that come in (text messages, voicemail, etc.) play on the BACK speaker, not on the earpiece speaker. This, without fail, ALWAYS causes the person on the other end of the phone to ask "what was that noise?" There is NO REASON for the person I'm calling to be alerted to the fact that I received a message, or that I have an appointment.

    Oh, but you, clever user, thought you outsmarted the phone and used the top switch to turn the sounds off while you were on the call? HAHA! They got you! Because this makes it even worse because the phone actually VIBRATES IN YOUR EAR! And the vibration is STILL loud enough to cause the person on the other end of the phone to ask "what was that noise?"!!

    This is ri-G-D-diculous, and hasn't EVER happened to me on another phone since my Samsung 6100 back in 2000...

    P1, if you *can't* make the alerts play on the earpiece speaker while on a call (the solution that's obvious to EVERY OTHER CELL PHONE MAKER), HAVE AN OPTION TO TURN OFF ALERTS WHILE ON A CALL!
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    While I'm on a roll, it obviously occurred to someone at P1 that it would be useful to have auto-capitalization of Name, Address, etc. fields in Contacts, but they didn't bother to make it Auto-Cap Every Word. Except for the occasional "de", is there any word that would go in a name or address field that wouldn't have the first letter capitalized? Similarly, the first thing that I have entered in every single one of my Street Address fields is a number, not a name. Why doesn't the field default to Option Lock until Space is pressed?

    P1 is so good at almost getting something right... which I guess is still better than the alternative.

    Motorola, bring out your Apple-designed iTunes phone already!
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    A couple more thing:

    On GSM with Cingular, voice tags is disabled. Also, voice dialer is blocked. These two degrade the phone for me. I haven't come up with a work around yet but I'm going to try Grover Industries Voice Dialer.
    The plug in mike keeps going off during a converstion. I have to unplug it to continue a conversation. With the blue tooth, I'm not sure I'll be able to continue the conversation. This is very disconcerting. I presume it is also a software conflict. I tried Freedom but that didn't help.
    I can't turn machiine on with the power key consistently. Luckily the phone off hook key works. This is probably a conflict with some software I am using.
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    Another thing that's really more of a (easily fixable) design flaw than a bug:

    First, THANK YOU P1 for putting a physical switch on the phone to silence the ringer. But BOOOOOO for making it completely impossible to verify the setting of the switch in a dark environment, either visually or by feel, so that in a theater, where I really need to make sure the ringer's off, I can't unless I use someone else's phone to illuminate the top of mine. Would it have been so hard to put an extra icon at the top of the screen indicating the current Sound Mode status?

    It's SLIGHTLY improved on the 650 vs. the 600 since the printed icons are marginally higher contrast (the Light Silver on Dark Silver color scheme of the 600's icons was virtually impossible to discern in anything less than a well-lit environment), but it's still pretty inexcusable.
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