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    My battery indicator never shows 100% (maximum 99%, even after being in the charger all night). Does anyone's show 100? If so, is mine defective?
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    Add that as "Another Problem" with the 650.
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    Try draining the battery until the unit shuts itself off. See if that recallibrates the battery gauge. Sometimes the gauge will get out of sync with the battery.
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    What I have seen is that my Treo will say 100% only when attched to a charger (and is fully charged). As soon as I disconnect it, the battery level drops to 99%. It kind of makes sense to me since, as soon as you run off of battery power (even for a second), your battery is no longer at full capacity...

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    This has been posted in another thread, everyone I have heard of sees this same result. Unplug, and it's at 99%.

    But realy people, do you think they are realy accurate to one percent? I have never had any phone that even seems that accurate with just bars, this phone does seem to be giving a very accurate battery reading so far, but I can't imagine that they are realy accurate to 1%. So let's not get too hung up on this. Just my 2 cents.
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    its also dealing with a faster processor and a 320 x 320 res screen - DRAINS A LOT off the battery instantly.

    might be a cause, still, id like to know if that should be regarded as a "normal" situation.

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