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    I started to experience some problems with my tro 600 yesterday. With no clear cause, my phone stopped connecting the calls. I dial a number and it goes to dialing mode but suddenly it stops and gets back to the phone waiting screen. However, only when it is charging in the cradle, it connects the calls perfectly. I already tried making a hard reset, but the problem persists. I feel desperate for my wife is delivering my second daughter today and my treo is leting me down right now. Please, if you know how to solve this, let me try your ideas. Thank you. Manuel.
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    It sounds like the famous "network search" issues. Unfortunately the only solution is a replacement.
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    have you recently installed any third part software or dropped the phone?
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    Thanks for your prompt responses. Unfortunately sxtg does not give good news. Nop, I have not droped the phone and the last third party application I bought was like a week ago and the problems started yesterday. As I told you I tried a hard reset and even then the problem was there. The network strenght is almost complete and the most strange is that when in the cradle it works totally normal. Once I take it out from the cradle the problem begins again.
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    There is something to do with the Battery connections causing the phone to not have a good network connection. That is why the phone functions normally when connected to a power source.

    Do a search on these forums for "network search" and you will find a gazillion post about it.
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    If you are out of warranty and have a t6 screwdriver the Treo 600 is relatively easy to take apart and you could check the battery connection yourself. I would not recommend doing this if you are still in warranty. Search online there are instructions on how to take it apart. I have ripped mine apart countless times.
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    Thanks to all of you. I bought it in Mexico from black market so I can not have any posibble warranty. however I just talked to my dealer and he is taking care of the connector replacement for usd$15, wich is very good if he can solve this problem, specially after I've spent more than usd$200 in software. Thanks again for all your help. This forum really helps!!!
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    By the way morrisonmuscle, could you tell me where exactly in the web can I find the info about the connector replacement? I could maybe save the $15, he!!!
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    I have not dealt specifically with the connetor, but I know that I easily could take apart my Treo 600 to fiddle with the battery connection. If it is truly a connection issue you could take a look at the actual battery connection once inside. I have had to get into my Treo to change ou the internal ear speaker.

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