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    My previous phone was a Samsung i500 and I did not have to configure it in any way to receive my email. I would be alerted that I had email which worked well. My T650 has never received a email and I see them all sitting in my Inbox when I log into from a browser. What do I have to do to automatically get the messages on my phone?
    Matt Ridge
    Upward Technologies
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    Is using Versamail or other email client the only way to receive email on my T650?

    I am looking for a more "instant" notification, like my previous phones had.
    Matt Ridge
    Upward Technologies
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    versamail sucks. it's syncing issues with my aol mail is just whack. i cant delete any mail from the server. and if i delete any mail from my phone then sync it back up's going to pull all the old mail i thought i just got rid of.
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    I haven't been able to check ANY mail with Versamail yet, Sprint or otherwise. I got so frustrated with it that I just forgot about email on my Treo for the time being. Snappermail used to work perfectly on my 600, but I don't want to use precious storage space on Snapper when I can't delete Versamail.
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    you should be using Sprint Business connection mail. It is like having a blackberry but using it on your Treo. It comes free with the 650 from Sprint. You can download it for free from there website. It works great with my corporate exchange server.
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    cturek: I have a friend using it and he loves it, but isn't it $10 a month?

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