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    This is a call to all programmers...

    I'm in the process of putting a computer in my car (for mp3 playback). There are a couple of programs (Busker and PalmAmp) that allow you to control WinAmp through your Palm. Problem only connects through the serial port...not the USB.

    PLEASE!!! make a program (ala Busker and PalmAmp) that can take advantage of the USB port.

    As alot of people know, Handspring isn't making a serial cable and there is no way that my Visor will stay in the cradle while driving (without glue, tape or velcro). I already emailed the creator of Busker...he said he has no plans to implement that and he has no idea how to do it anyway. IronCreek, the makers of PalmAmp, never emailed me back.

    Thanks ahead of time...Old El Paso.

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    That is all you want? I can think of a least two creative solutions off the top of my head right now.

    You have to have the PC in the car anyway, so go Penguin Power. Get a PCsimm with a Flash card, serial connector, LCD display module and tty off the serial port. All of that will fit in your AshTray.

    The other solution will be to get Omni Remote and a Presentation Thingie Ma Bob. They hook into the Keyboard and serial Port, Program the Macros you want to control Winamp in the Presentation unit. Then program the OmniRemote to learn from the unit.
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    Heck, if you're putting a computer in your car, you can probably build your own serial cable.

    You'll need a connector for the bottom of the visor (same one used by the USB travel cable):

    Since the visor uses TTL level and not RS232 level signals, you'll need to build a converter circuit. Check out this thread:

    $20 and a bit of soldering, and you should be ready to go

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