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    I currently use the mail client that came with the 600 on my 600 and really like it. I was one of the first Sprint users (We didn't get it with our 600s originally) to put the GSM mail client on the CDMA version. Given all of the problems with Versamail, has anyone tried using the Install PRC from the 600 mail client on the 650? It is not a feautre rich mail client, but it works well and I haven't had a single problem with using it on the 600. I should get my 650 soon (Damn you VC and PalmOne) and I won't use Business Connect and Versamail is apparently unstable so I thought I would check if anyone has tried this.
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    Did you ever get an answer to this? I also have the same question. I liked my mail program on my T600 a lot better than my T650. My T600 I could "CC" and "BCC" people.


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