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    -You take your Treo to the toilet.
    -You install software everyday, in fact several times a day.
    -You install software while using your Treo on the toilet.
    -You have RSRCEdit on your Treo.
    -You have edited a palm DB with it.
    -You use a launcher.
    -You have tried more then one.
    -You keep more then one installed.
    -You have Snappermail set up to check mail every 20 mins.
    -You regularly watch TV or movies on your Treo.
    -You have used CodeDiver, Fonts4OS5, PowerRun, PIDirect, MSMount,
    HackMaster, XMaster, DALauncher and DA's...
    -Have over a hundred pictures and videos of your family/friends on your Treo.
    -You use or have used, iSilo, WordSmith, TomeRaider, TealDoc, Plucker,
    AvantGo, RepliGo.
    -You have more then one of them installed and can explain a good reason
    -You have more then two Web Browsers on your Treo at the same time.
    (major geek points for 4+)
    -You use MP3 ringtones.
    -You can discuss the merits of LightWav, Butler, TreoGuard, CallFilter, MP3Ringer.
    -You have or had more then two dictionaries on your Treo at the same time.
    (Major geek points for the additional thesaurus, encyclopedia)
    (Ultra-Bonus for the talking dictionary)
    -You can prove TrackerDog wrong on more then 6 applications.
    -You take screen shots of your Treo.
    -You know why you might want a screen shot of your Treo.
    -You use ClipPro, SlideFree, AutoSync, DALauncher.
    -You backup your Treo in more then one way.
    -You have ever had to restore from a backup
    -You have ever had a backup fail and had to go to your backup, backup.
    -You use Win-Hand, PalmVNC, etc.

    Thats my list, sadly enough all I had to do to come up with this list was take a look at my Treo....Anyone got anymore?
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    Lol, thanks for clarification!
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    - You know that you can't "speed dial" the ## codes, because you've tried.
    - You have ever installed Grafitti Anywhere, because one input method isn't enough
    - You have hacked Grafitti Anywhere, so that it uses Grafitti 1 instead of Grafitti 2
    - You have ever wirelessly hotsynced your Treo
    - Score +5 geek points if you have more than 10 additional apps installed on your Treo, and they are all up to date
    - Score +10 geek points if you have more than 2 applications installed on your Treo that are listed as "beta" (and then -20 if you have turned around and complained on this forum that your Treo resets itself too much)
    - Score +2 geek points for each cradle you have
    - Score +2 geek points for each time you have had to replace your Treo, and you are still recommending it to friends.
    - Score +2 geek points if you have ever intentionally voilated the warantee
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    Quote Originally Posted by Druce MacFarlane
    - Score +10 geek points if you have more than 2 applications installed on your Treo that are listed as "beta" (and then -20 if you have turned around and complained on this forum that your Treo resets itself too much)
    Amen to that one. Even well behaved software can cause problems on ANY system with a new OS, much less the beta/version 0.9 stuff many of us geeks on this forum load on to our Palms. Remember, just because its an established product, the "NEWEST" release is often even labeled as beta software.
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    +50 if you have used vnc to control your computer remotely using your treo.
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    +1 per hour spent per day on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWB
    +1 per hour spent per day on!

    Welcome, dear sir, to these boards.
    I was large and in charge!
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    +10 if you spend more on applications than on the device itself.
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    + You teach your 5 year old daughter how to switch from game mode to phone to answer an incoming call while she has it in the back seat.

    + You have now adopted your Treo as the default flashlight in your house or car.

    + You shop for accessories on a daily basis and wear clothes that are beginining to fall apart due to your "accessory" habit for your treo.

    + You find yourself calling your Treo "babycakes"

    + You find yourself VNC'd into your office workstation because your constantly not at your desk testing all the Treo remote capabilities even if your only 10 feet away.

    + Your 1.5 Year old son calls all phones "Tee - OO"'s

    + You dream nightly of a VOIP client arriving on christmas morning for your Treo.

    + You spent 6 days determing which color combination to get for your Treo's VAJA case.

    + Your treo has it's own screen cleaning cloth (one at home and one at work)

    + You fluff the lint out of your pocket before putting your Treo in your pocket.

    + You honk madly waving your Treo in the air when you see a fellow driver at the stop light next to you pecking in a number on THEIR treo!

    + You remember your PALMONE Order Number and know which # Treo it was in that distribution lot.

    + Your recently deceased dog lives on in video and still pics in your Treo 650.

    + The Grandparents receive daily (if not hourly) vignettes of the kids in video or still pic via email via your treo.

    + You follow the WIFI driver forum on Treo Central daily yet wait patiently to try it fearing you'll harm your little buddy. GO SHADOWMITE!

    + You syncy via bluetooth even if your Treo is plugged into the charging/sync cable...JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!!!!!

    + You refuse to answer a call in your car by picking up the treo..and search frantically for your Bluetrek BT headset.

    + You strap your treo (with your favorite app on lighting the screen) to your kid at night while they're playing in the street so cars will see them.

    + You have a love/hate relationship with PalmOne .. You love them for sending you your Treo ..but hate them for holding back on all the good stuff (wifi, voip, more robust apps )

    + You thought briefly about naming your new son "Treo" ...but wife slapped you back into reality.

    + You find yourself watching DVD's on your Treo than on a telelvision.

    + Your blackberry toting friends now thouroughly hate you for various reasons .. mainly touting the benefits of the Treo over their "berries" on a daily basis

    + You viciously fight any negative review of the Treo in the press (even though you know Palm could have done a better job)

    + You have a 32MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB SD cards all for your Treo...

    + You google for new Treo apps once a day loading only those you find worthy.

    + Your treo makes all those bathroom visits more productive.

    + You wrote code to capture wifi camera images from your house and stream them over to your Treo when conneted .

    + You like looking at yourself in the little Treo 650 Mirror but never take a picture.

    + You use the 2X zoom on the T650 picture app as a magnifying glass while reworking a soder joint on something you're repairing.

    + You wonder what the hell McGuiver could have really accomplished if he had a Treo way back then.

    + You keep seeing apparitions of your Treo on UPN's Star Trek but realize you're only halucinating which was brought on by the still poor plots and writing on this seasons show.

    + Everyone you see toting a Treo is addressed now as "Yo Dude!"

    + You use your T650 as a bluetooth device scanner...seeking out those devices open to connecting with you.

    + You find yourself thinking ... so those guys at palm one fixed the issue with the SD card haning out... I have to keep at least one long fingernail to get it back out of this 650 !!! because it's so recessed now!

    + You wonder what all the hellabulla about the memory problem is ..but switch out SD cards on a moments notice.

    + You like switching between card mode and memory mode in the picture app to see the available image count number change drastically.

    + You keep a copy of RealPlayer just because you have the memory even though pocket tunes blows it away.

    + You knew in advance not to sync up to your old 600 profile and to install your new t650 desktop on another computer and start fresh!

    + You rarely visit Palmone's site but frequent 10's of other Treo forums and hack sites.

    + You own a shirt with "TREO.TC" on the back

    + You want to take your Treo Diving but don't know what it's depth rating is yet.

    + You like the old connector on the 600 but from an engineering standpoint understand why it had to change on the 650...

    + You're not overly criticle of other Treo owners not on the same carrier as you (even though you're partial to sprint)

    + You secretly purchased a 650 without your wife knowing and are desperately trying to sell your 600 on ebay for top dollar.

    + You feel like you personally know the top 10 posters on Treo.Tc even though you may have never written to them.

    + Your so good "selling" the benefits of your Treo..the guy who sold you your new car turned around and bought a Treo...months later you realize you funded the transaction

    + You constantly debate between keeping your dial pad available or replace it with a screen save....with nothing else better than a picture of your treo.

    + You use PDANet with your laptop via Bluetooth ...even though your sitting in a wifi hotspot...JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN!

    + you spin your treo on it's belt clip post during meetings just so everyone will notice.

    + You read the T650 Documentation on PDF 3 weeks before receiving your T650

    + You ordered and received an extra battery and form fit case for your T650 before you received your T650.

    that's all for now
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    I think we all have problems
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    +1000 points if you read all of Akurk's post
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    +5000 if you can find all my typo's
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    Quote Originally Posted by GroverCleveland
    Welcome, dear sir, to these boards.
    Thank you, sir! What were you in charge of again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWB
    Thank you, sir! What were you in charge of again?

    I dare say, old chap, your inquiry has me perplexed
    I was large and in charge!
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    Alright now...checking the TreoCentral forums every waking minute is almost bad enough. But ROLE PLAYING on the TC forums is just crazy.
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    - You've got your work voicemail set up as a speed dial, with the "Extra Digits" so your Treo automatically dials your extension and password
    - You can't make up your mind whether to set the extra digits to dial automatically, or whether you have to click the button - cause both of them are really cool!
    - Your wife is REALLY tired of hearing you say, "Check this out - this is REALLY COOL!"
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    there is nothing wrong with taking your treo to the toilet...hey klondike and bejwelled is great when you need "time"
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    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Gooooooooo Treo!
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    Dude, where have you been? Like the tonation of your post.

    Quote Originally Posted by GroverCleveland
    Welcome, dear sir, to these boards.
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    in all honesty i know people who take their laptops into the can, and use their wifi to surf the web....i cant do laptop is huge (17" widescreen)
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