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    Well I called about 25 different people yesterday to find out when the T650 was going to be released. I got Thursday from several people. And mid-January from several other. So....

    Is it possible that both are right? This thursday being the release of the unlocked gsm version, and January an updated t650 version possibly fixing the memory issue? I know it is doubtful that they would release now and then 2 weeks later, but just a thought.

    I've been reading posts for a few days. And what is ViennaChannels? Some magic treo ordering website?

    And also, where is the best place to buy the treo when it comes out? I want the unlocked version, but I also want a good discount. Getting it for around $400 with a new contract would be ok with me. I am still in my contract, but I am able to get out of that easily if signing a new one.

    I talked w/ a manager at cingular eSales, and he said telesales and stores would be my best but vs. online. But when he said online I think he was mainly refering to and not other websites.

    I want the phone! But I have a month window starting yesterday in which I can get it because of cingular/amazon weirdness.


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    Forget about VC, your too late so don't bother. You can pre-order unlocked GSM 650 from these two online companies but they are saying the first of Janaury for release:
    Mobilebee wants $899 and Expansys has not listed a price yet.

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