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    In the newest ChatterEmail, does it have to be launched to get a data connection after aa soft reset or will it search for one if one is not available without being explicitly launched?
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    Chatter needs to be launched after a reset at the present time.

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    For those of us that do not have "always on" data connections (because Verizon rapes us) would this program be a big minute user?

    I currently use Snapper and have it go out and grab email every 10 minutes or so...

    Can anyone advise?


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    Chatter can be set up to Quick Sync (QSync) from an offline data mode on a timed, interval basis. So long as you have a program to shut down the internet connection after a certain period (TreoHelper is great and it is freeware) the usage charges should be no greater than with Snapper.

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