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    OK, the big kahuna is arriving by the end of the week, so in preparation, when I'm done doing the happy dance, I wondering what you guys think:
    (ps- brace yourself. I have some aweful newbie questions.....)

    should I test the treo650 on sprint before I verizonize it??

    I'm going to Verizonize it, but don't know when. I haven't figured out the deal yet on getting a data cable to do the conversion, and I'm away for all of Jan for training. If I should test the unit right away by signing up with Sprint, would it matter if it's a prepaid plan on sprint or a regular one? I would call and cancel within a week basically. I need to see if it's a properly functioning unit, but since I'm unfamiliar with the whole verizonize process, I wasn't sure if activating the phone first on sprint would create extra steps for me in the conversion process. Also, out of curiousity, if it's defective, do we need to exchange it within a certain amount of time? (it's coming from palm, if that matters).

    Thanks for putting up with my newbie questions! Now back to the happy dance.....
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    I think the issue is that there is only a USB cable, not a serial cable. I don't think this has been done for the 650.

    Good lucK!!! You'll be (one of the) first to try it.
    Anyone else want to be more exact about the process? It sounds very risky...

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