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    I downloaded a document which is a .pdb file. Which reader do I need do read this? I see the document on my Visor, but can't open it.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hi Rick,

    You probably need Jfile Pro from Land J:

    The free version will open one database file - thats all I needed for my .pdb file and it works great!
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    I, (being a new pda user) was having the same problem with several documents that I had loaded into my visor. I finally found that I had to load several different programs to access the various .pdb and .prc files.

    So far I have HanDBase (database), TealDoc (document reader) and TealInfo (a folio reader). These programs seem to know which documents apply to them as once you load the software and run it the previously loaded, (but not found) document appears and is available to view.

    Be careful to note any information provided when you download the file from the web as to the type of program required to access the data. You cannot tell by the extension, (.pdb or .prc)

    I also tried AprotisDoc (another document reader) and it seamed to be able to access the same files as TealDoc.

    I wish document authors would be specific as to the required access software needed to view the file.

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