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    I have a Cingular T600 and my home service is a Callvantage AT&T VoIP line. I often put on the locate me service, which allows me to forward any calls that come to my home to my cell (or multiple places) at once.

    Often I will set the locate me to my cell (T600), office, and wife's cell (sprint user).

    Weird thing is that the caller id for those callers being forwarded works on my office and wife's cell phone - but the Treo 600 registers the call at 'NO Caller ID'.

    Anyone else have the same problem or know a workaround?

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    nope, I use Vonage and it works fine when I set it to "follow me"
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    hmm, I was hoping I wouldn't be the only one. Crud.

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    Hey WildCard, what do you think of ATT Callvantage? I'm trying to convince my wife to give up the phone line and switch. Any issues?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100thMonkey
    nope, I use Vonage and it works fine when I set it to "follow me"
    Hey Monkey I have Vonage, but have never used the "follow me" thing. How does it work?
    Oh Spartanrob, Vonage is awesome!
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    I'm using ATT / T600 and ATT VoIP. Don't use the forward feature often although it does work well. Never noticed if the caller ID worked with it. We're liking the VoIP very much! Kept one land line attached to the fax in case the power goes out. Quality is acceptable and net based features are nice (such as forwarding voice mail messages by e-mail). Loved dropping Verizon!

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