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    I have installed BatteryInfo v. 1.2 by Tammy Cravit. Can't remember where I downloaded it. Anyway, this program crashes my visor if you touch the screen at all. Basically, you have to open the program, look at the information and move on. No adjusting the settings. Anyone else have this problem? Any other suggestions for BatteryInfo type programs (evaluate current voltage and percentage).


    Alpha Texana
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    Check out the discussion over at: .

    Also, check out "ATool" on the PalmGear site. It seems to be a great little freeware app that might suit your needs.
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    What kind of details do you want from this type of program? I just downloaded Runtime from Palm Gear and this will generate a graph of the past 120 days and last 10 battery changes based on voltage/time. It's freeware and it looks like it could be a useful program for trying to determine when your batteries will expire based on past use.

    Rick Bailey

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