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    i just need to you take yoru phone and push in lightly on the screen in the corner...does the screen go down...mine moves down a semi-scary amount...wanted to see if it was happens in all 4 i can press the screen down ...look at the screen corner carefully esp. the one by the lock button and does yours go down. thanks for your time.
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    Mine moves a small amount too. I think it's normal to have some give on this to make it less likely that too strong of a stroke with the stylus might crack it. Probably no need to worry.
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    thanks for your help, i was traveling abroad and didnt want to risk ne thing. actually going to india for winter break and if my treo dies, so does my internet. Being in an indian village for 1 month w/o internet can be brutal. But slowly broadband is expanding from cities to villiages.

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