Have any of you tried elgato software's eyetv products www.elgato.com ? very cool, but Mac only i believe. I have been bummed i couldn't get live tv at my office mac (no cable at the office). The newest version of cytv http://www.lucid-cake.net/cytv/index_en.html (a streaming server used to stream eyetv content over your local network) now supports streaming over the internet! And it is FREE!

no I don't have any affiliation with elgato or cytv. i just think they are cool products.

The other reason this internet streaming option is of interest is that you can choose the compression of the stream on the client side. So......with reports of people streaming audio on the 650 (i have a 600) at speeds of almost 100kbps, why not be able to stream video at low kbps. due to bandwidth constraints at work i have the stream at 90 kbps(audio + video). 176x120 pixels. totally reasonable, but not great quality. Someone smarter than me needs to write a palm OS client for capturing this video stream. i've tried MMplayer on my 600 but no go. Any advice?