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    I would like to get a list of PC Bluetooth adapters that have been proven to work (i.e. Hotsync, reverse DUN, etc.) with 650. Also please list if you have a home WiFi network too.

    I am looking into getting an adapter when I get my 650 (Damn you VC ), and want to get an adapter that people have gotten to work with the 650 to minimize the risks. Hopefully this will help others too.
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    I'm using a D-Link DBT-120 and a Belkin 54g WiFi card on my laptop running WinXP SP2.
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    I've got a Zoom Bluetooth PC Card adapter in my laptop. I think the same thing is branded under some other companies' names as well. Works like a champ. The Belkin USB bluetooth key also works well. -- I've got that on the desktop. This is all in my apartment, which has my own WiFi and that of several neighbors to contend with.

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    3Com Bluetooth PC Card, XP SP1 & SP2, with built-in WiFi card in a Sony Vaio. Home has one AP about 5 feet away, work has a ton of APs (I'm NOT kidding - must be 15 or so within 50 feet - we're in the biz), and I can still hotsync from across the room (20-30 feet away).
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    I carry the tiny D-Link DBT-120 USB adapter with me (works with basic BT services without specific drivers), and use the Dell TrueMobile 300 in my laptop.

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