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    I have been able to easily pair my Treo 650 with my Mac 0S X.3. Unfortunately, after I pair the Mac tells me that my phone is not enabled for any of its services: Calendar Sync, Address book sync and connecting to the internet. I had a Sony Ericsson 610 which synced beautifully with the Macs over Bluetooth and allowed me to get to the internet as well. Neither Sprint nor Palm have been any help with this--I have gotten hours worth of run-around. Does anyone know more about this? Has Palm announced an upgrade to the software that will enable these functions?
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    I have both also. If you install the bluetooth DUN patch around, then turn the phone on and turn the DUN option on, then when you pair it will tell you the phone is available for connecting to the internet and will set it up.

    It doesn't directly connect to addressbook and calendar, but after you install the Palm software from the CD, install the iSync Palm conduit 1.2 from the iSync download page. Then configure the Palm sync from inside iSync. THEN when start a hotsync it will use the addressbook and calendar for synching instead of the Palm desktop software.
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    Hoo-ray! someone has put a tutorial on how to get the Mac to get on the Internet through the Treo 650. I have not tried it yet--hopefully tomorrow. Here is the link for anyone else who wants to try it. Please let us know how it works:

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