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    I used Profiles for a while and found it too cumbersome to use. I found it just as easy to flip the switch than to set up a new profile and then have it activate, get interrupted, it not start again properly, et cetera. Ben
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    thirdtype: I agree with Ben. Profiles get too cumbersome to use sometimes. I will look at the different applications which use profiles and submit a feature request internally.

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    I was very excited with Profiles when I first tried it in conjunction with Call Filter. Really excited. The excitement lasted about 10 minutes when I discovered that when I interrupted an active profile, it would not automagically restart and end at the specified time. It was such a hassle. Sure it is nice to have it shut the noise down for church, but there was no way to start that profile back up and have it complete the task. So, I use TreoHelper to turn the radio on and off and Call Filter set up with several rules at the top that dictate behavior based upon day and time. In my situation, a profile program proved redundant, unreliable at best and frankly not needed. The inclusion of a menu to shut down specific featues at specific times for multiple/individual days would be handy, I guess, but should be able once reenabled to complete the task at the appointed time.

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    Ben, a bit off topic but what do you mean by "complete the task"? There are several ways to activate a profile for a period of time and have it automatically switch back to the previous profile.

    -Switch to a profile for a period of time: Activate the popup selector by holding down the Option key (or menu key if that is set in Preferences). Enter an amount of time by typing digits, then 'h' to switch to Hours if necessary. Use the 5-way to select a profile in the list. This will activate the profile and then switch back to the previous profile (or currently active scheduled profile) at the end of the time period you entered.

    -Trigger at time of day / days of week: Make sure to set the "Switch back" in the Action tab to a time of day etc.

    -Trigger on a calendar event: Event = Datebk and set "Switch back" to "When End Of Appt".
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    I found with Profiles 2.6 or whatever the current release is, that if I interrupted the current profile and then restarted it, it would always carry through or end at the period of time entered. If a new one was set to start then yes, it would start, but the old profile became non-functional. For instance, if the profile has a setting to dim the screen and the screen is manually brightened, and the profile restarted or re-entered, the screen would not always stay dim. Same with the other functions "controlled" by profiles. Temporary alterations are not reliably handled by it. I believe Milan discussed this in his thread. AS a result, I find it easier to just hit a button. The defining of profiles is also not as intuitive as it should be.

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    Hi, I'm looking to purchase Causerie now, but will the update to 2.0 be free if I purchase now? Do you think it will be available before Christmas? Thanks, James
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    Jimmy, All the upgrades are free as it is a service. 2.0 for beta testers would be released early next week or this Friday. There are tons of new options and it would be worth the wait.
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    Will your SMS support include delivery confirmation?
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    sms delivery confirmation to know if the other party got our message. Not bad... How would Causerie do it? Just thinking out loud!

    Causerie, can you folks make this possible? Replaying messages which I was supposed to receive in SMS when I start my data mode. This would be excellent...
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    Is it next week yet? Ben
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    bclinger, we will give out the Causerie to closed group beta testers later this week.
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    Ok then! Ben
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    Has the beta test group already been decided? Is it possible to get on that list?
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    I'd also like to be a beta tester. I just got a 650 and would love to help. Thanks, James
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    You can register at their forums and get access to their beta.
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    I am beta testing Causerie and it has some nice handy features.
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    What's the latest planned release date for 2.0? I'm trying to be patient, but as a paying customer and huge fan of Causerie, everyday gets a little bit more difficult to smile and say "the upgrade is coming".
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    think you better let them work on it and release it when it's ready rather than push them... prematurely released program running on a prematurely released phone = sh!t
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    rw28664 -> look at their forums - . If you are their customer and used their app substantially, you can ask them to beta the app by sending your device id.. boy, they have some pretty slick features...
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    Do you guys ever plan to release dev guard? Or were you guys premature in announcing it, and realize that most of the things you state this app can do are not possible? So you figure if you keep post-poning it, eventually people will stop asking. You have been stating soon since September.
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