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    how is this compared to verichat? I use AOL just about exclusively as do my friends....will this work with AOL? thanks!
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    by the way I have Treo 650
    Cingular 680
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    I like Causerie for its interface and for its features like supporting conferences etc. And also it became a habit for me to check my horoscope on Causerie daily. Does Verichat support conferences?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee View Post
    Mundu is OK, but definitely on the light side compared to causerie:

    1. Mundu: 2 services at a time, Causerie: 10 services at a time
    2. Mundu: single account of each type, Causerie: 2 accounts of each type available
    3. Mundu: no bots, Causerie: 14 different bots more being developed
    4. Mundu: no background notification, Causerie: customizable background notification

    Part of the problem with a one-time charge comes from Causerie's use of a server to deliver the richer, more customizable content. To support the server and load, a subscription service is required.

    I tend to agree with anastrophe - I don't need bots and one connection to MSN and GMail is all I need. Plus Mundu can afford the one time price because they don't use a server. The IM connections are direct from the phone. Also, Mundu does have customisable background notification now.

    This does drain the crap out of the battery but without using Causerie, I don't know how it compares.


    Mr.Causerie person, I hope you dont my email as a dig, just a sugestion on how to sell to user like myself!


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    I'm using Mundu now myself and have been for a few months. The post you are quoting is from 2004, three years ago. Causerie still works, but the programming tema has become less than responsive over the past year. Mundu's product has evolved to become a real threat to causerie. I don't work for causerie and never have. I just found their product to be best suited to my needs several years ago.
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