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    I have been using a demo version of IRPrint and it expired over Christmas. Now when I access it it tells me the 45 day demo has expired.I logged in today and paid for the registered version, but even after installing it, I still get the expired message and I can't figure out how to input the registration # the compnay sent. Help??!!!
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    If there's a specific date, then they probably have a new version you can download. If they have a limit on the number of days but no specific date, then just delete it and reinstall it.
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    When you register IRPrint, you also receive a program called "LicenseMgr" which, once loaded, is accessed through Prefs as one of the options (along with "general", "buttons", "owner", etc.)

    That is where you will enter your serial number for IRPrint. Should load and work after you have done that.

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