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    Chatter is crashing more now than ever. I'm using .16c and trying to create a new account. The account points to the same mail server as my first account. This shouldn't be a problem, should it? Anyways... when I go to save the account and settings, Chatter does a soft reset of the entire phone. Now, I want to create a log for this, but when the soft reset occurs and I go back into Chatter to close the log by typing Log, the console says its starting a new log... what happpened to my previous log??? Also, when I do the clearlog command, the screen freezes, then any attempt to go another app makes the phone do a soft reset... Any ideas???
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    You can't create an account that's the same as another account (same server name and login name). I suspect it's causing your issues, though I'm not exactly sure what the symptoms would be. (I'm not clear on WHY you'd want to do this anyway; it doesn't make sense to me.)

    The log is closed after a reset; it doesn't start a new one, it just continues where it left off.

    At this point, you should probably re-create your accounts/folders from scratch. I'll add this bug to my list.


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