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    Maybe COMPUSA for $19.95.... anyone know if this item will work ? It is the same connector as the T5.

    USB Handheld Charger & Sync Cable for Palm m130/m500 Series/Tungsten T Handhelds

    Manufacturer: APC
    Mfg Part #: HUSBPM1
    Product Number: 301989
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    Boxwave is selling them as well.
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    Does this charge it too? It doesn't even look like it has the charging pins on the connector. I thought the one from PalmOne would only do syncing.

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    no that one does NOT charge
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    I just bought a psynch and charge cable, all in one, from an eBayer. Works fine!
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    TreoNeo is right, that one does not charge... but this one does ($14.95):
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    Huh? Huh? Huh! They've been saying for weeks that it'll be 'Soon'...but when?!!

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