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    I'm in IT for a small company that is currently on T-Mobile's Blackberry system, using the Blackberry Enterprise Server and Exchange 2003.

    We're looking for new devices - the BB 7230 just isn't cutting it any more. While doing legwork, I came across this page on Blackberry's site:

    When I called BB for more info, they referred me to "the vendor" for more info. AT&T / Cingular blew me off, saying they had no information (and generally giving the attitude that they didn't want me as a customer). I'm on hold with T-Mobile now - I think I stumped them.

    Anyone seen this working / in production yet? It's on BB's site, but I can't actually get a solid lead on how it works, if anyone has installed it, how well it works, who supports it, etc.
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    Still in the vaporware stages - RIM has a history of pre-announcing things well before they're available (as a current customer, you may be all too familiar with their approach). Bottom line - it's not on the immediate radar screen, and no telling how long till it shows up, if ever (and by telling customers to go to the carrier, RIM is effectively saying 'it's up to THOSE guys - the carriers or the device makers - to deliver BB Connect'. But the only people saying 'BB Connect is available' is RIM themselves. So, they're driving demand, but not fulfillment - something they are known for).
    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrosser
    Still in the vaporware stages.......
    Good luck!
    May not be vaporware, look at this

    This has apparently been demo'ed. I guess we all have to wait till the companies get together and figure out licensing agreements and support models. I have been waiting for a BB client on a Palm for some time. RIM and PalmSource have reached agreement, but PalmOne has not licensed it from either PalmSource or directly from RIM. The smartphones are made by Palm1, not PalmSource.

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