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    My new 650 should be arriving today or tomorrow- despite my "4yo at Christmas" giddiness, I thought I'd post and see if there were any tips for upgrading from my Treo 300.

    *Cradle: I'd like to keep the 300 cradle installed so that I can run PalmOrb. Can I leave the 300 cradle installed while I install the 650 cradle?

    PC Software
    *Palm Desktop: Should I attempt an upgrade from one version to the next or should I just backup/uninstall then install the new version and restore?
    *Vindigo: I intend to delete and reinstall

    Treo Data
    *Contacts and Datebook: backup/ uninstall/ new install/ restore
    *HotSync UserID: should I give my new phone my old HotSync UserID? Or use a new one?
    *Software: If I use the same HotSync UserID then I can simply reinstall all of my software titles and not worry about any license issues; but if I use a new UserID, what options do I have? (something akin to MultiUserHack, etc?)

    Thanks in advance... I could just wing it but I'm worried that the aforementioned giddiness will blur my judgement. :shortcut: PJK
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    I changed my id, as it was longer than ten characters, so my 650 wouldn't beam properly. Of course, I then had to email 4 or 5 companies to get new keys/passwords.

    As to your other issues, I would do everything fresh. Uninstall, etc. If you cut corners to save time, you could increase your aggravation possibilities.

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