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    I use SnapperMail on my T650. It uses some really small fonts. I'd guess they were the original fonts from the T600, they just don't scale up to 320x320. I like it because it fits a whole lot more on the screen at once.

    Documents To Go does the same thing.

    Does anyone know of a way that I can use smaller than default fonts in other apps? Most apps just let you choose from the 4 default fonts. But I'd like to go even smaller and capitalize on the new screen real estate.
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    Yep, another area where no one at PalmOne seems to be paying any attention...

    In any case, here come the ingenious Palm software developers to the rescue.

    I use Fonthack V 1.03, a hack that allows you to swap fonts globally or per application. It comes with the best looking compact font I have ever seen at 14 points. It's highly readable provided you have the eyesight for it, and makes everything just look better. If the program is written correctly you can see up to 200% more info on the screen than normal. Some programs are sloppier than others and don't see any advantages from the smaller font.
    Blazer, Hand/RSS and other apps with lots of text see the most benefit.

    You also need to install YAHM (Yet Another Hack Manager), which allows Fonthack to run on top of it. Both are free.

    There is a catch though: Fonthack can sometimes be a little unstable, at least on my 650, and has been known to cause resets every now and then (It doesn't do this on any other Palm, only on the 650).

    Get Fonthack here
    Get YAHM here

    And they're both free too. Thank god for these guys.
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    Bump. Try this with WebViewer and be amazed.

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