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    Quote Originally Posted by ihavetreo

    Is that right battery that solves the problem?
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    i have a little problem too
    my phone freezes when i receive a phone call, im not able to click on answer..but after it rings about 10 times... i hear the callers voice, but the phone continues to ring...
    its very frustrating!
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    Its the same thing - replace the battery or get a new phone.

    I got tired of replacing phones, so now I'm getting the new battery.
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    Anyone sees that? Does it work on sprint treo too?
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    Same issue here also...and the unit is out of warranty. One thing I seemed to replicate was the battery being at around 70% when mine started to lock up and flash no service. I had a hunch that it was the battery. Sprint store in my area don't have a clue...they ran thier diagnostic test and it was fine. It is just intermittent.
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    I was having similar problems with my 14 month old T600. Based on the advice in this thread, I got the battery and tools from and replaced my battery. Guess what? That solved my problems. Everything seems to be more stable now and the phone part works great. My T600 also seems to reset itself less often. Apparently, the usable life for the original battery is about one year.
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    that is right. The battery replacement is the solution. My treo with a new battery haven't showed the problem yet. I hope it will last longer than the original battery
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    I am having exactly this problem. Treo is only 6 months old but I use SD cards a lot. I left town without a charger recently and let the phone run completely down -- have had problems ever since. Also I notice that the battery icon never gets completely full like it used to, even after being plugged in all day.
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    I have had the problem here for a while. It got progressively worse until my 14 month old Treo really needs to be plugged into a charger to function. An additional symptom was that incoming calls would ring but then get dropped immediately.

    All of the batteries like the pdaparts one seem to be sold out. I have just ordered a replacement battery from LaptopsForLess:

    I will report back when I have made the replacement.
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    my problem was solved... it was p-tunes that was the issue...i deleted it and my phone no longer freezes when i receive a phone call
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