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    If you buy and SD card from Palmone they are up to $100 dollars. If you buy one at walmart they are $15. I have heard some SD cards are not compatible with Treo 600. How do I go about finding out wich brands will not damage my device?

    Help! Not even Palm Customer service could figure out the answer!
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    Do you have the Bradname ?

    It depends , many factors

    Cheap SD Cards do not have fast/ write/read speed , and sometimes it will fail on many applications

    Cheap SD Cards sometimes will cause some problems (weird) with your Treo

    It may void your "cover" too

    Kingmax , I tried , but I am afarid that the card will damage it , sometimes it won't even read

    To be safer side , get cards like Panasonic , Sandisk (tha best), Toshiba , etc.......Just take a look if there is a notch on the left hand side (there should be only one).....

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