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    I had purchased AOL from Handmark for my Treo 650. Is this still the best way of accessing AOL, or is there a better version somewhere? Maybe there is no other one, but I thought I remembered there being a couple of resources when I originally purchased it.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    No version of AOL that I am aware of works with the 650 at this point. Originally, that would have been a major issue for me. However, there are two third party applications that will give you better functionality anyway.

    I am using SnapperMail to get my AOL e-mail via IMAP. It works much better than the AOL software did; I would always have trouble connecting and you had to go in and check yourself. You can use VersaMail, too, but I find that to be very, very slow. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's AOL. But it takes a couple minutes to run through a full connection to get and send mail. Snapper takes a few seconds for the same.

    For IM, Verichat cannot be beat. Works great, runs in the background, and you can get Yahoo, MSN, ICQ too.

    Granted, both will cost you some money, but both work great. I'd recommend them.

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    Thank you so much Mike! I will give those a whirl.

    Anyone else?
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    Actually I would recommend the same programs. Snappermail for e-mail (for AOL) and Verichat for IM. Both programs are very stable and very functional (in my experience).
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    I actually found the AIM client from AOL UK works fine, though it doesn't show idle status. (But it is free.)
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    I've been getting my aol mail with versamail to the 650 since I've had this. everything went fine and no problems. suddenly...everything is real slow...and now I can't delete mail off the server. and it sucks cause I keep getting duplicates of the same email which I thought I deleted and it takes up too much space on my 650. anybody else having this problem...?
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    Yes. VersaMail was all screwy for me on AOL. Very slow and kept downloading tons of e-mails, despite my settings. I believe AOL has a non-standard implementation of IMAP. It causes problems with some software, but Snapper seems to do great.

    Verichat is much better than any of the AOL apps, because it is much more robust, runs in the background and is easier on the battery.
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    I had the same issue at one point but eventually I was able to delete the aol account of versamail.

    Sadly in terms of using an aol solution. I've recently decided to continue to use the aol 3.2.1 software with the understanding to myself I just won't hit the reset button. lol

    So fare everything works fine. But I guess eventually I'll need to use the reset button. But I find that popping out my sd card usually "resets" any freezes or issues I have. It's not a real "reset" but it does clear any issues or freezes. But the ultimate solution for all of us aol users is a fixed version. Aol thus far has been no help whatsoever regarding this.

    Those of you using snappermail. Is it smart enough to only retrieve truly new inbox mail and not everything that is in your recently deleted email folder and inbox. I have heard alot of people use versamail. But it's painfully slow and it's pulling up mail I recently deleted and that's not in my inbox as well as new inbox mail.

    What setting are you guys using to set up snappermail or versamail to pull up the new inbox mail only and not recently deleted emails?

    Does snapperemail trial version allow you to set up an email account so I can test to see if it works properly?

    Look forward to your responses.

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    SnapperMail only pulls new; it works flawlessly.
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    Does the trial version support aol? I would like to give it a try and see if it works flawlessly for me. Was there any specific settings I need to change?
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    You can set versamail to synchronize certain folders on aol; hit the menu button on your treo or just tap the top left of the screen to bring up your menus; go to options; select preferences; go to delivery options; here you can set whether u want to retrieve mail from the last week; 3 days, 1 day;
    you can also select get only unread messages. Set the Maximum message size; download attachments.
    Under advanced you can select to automatically delete mail from server when you delete the mail from versamail. Works fine for me.
    Also you can go to options; select; sync server folders (this one is great)
    then go to sync server folders; here u can select what folders on aol are to be synchronized.
    The choices are inbox, sent items, voicemail, spam and saved mail. This is great when you want to get to the sent items folder on aol to reply to an email.
    I like versamail so far; I just don't like that it can't pull mail on the schedule I set for aol; it only works when I check manually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bige
    Does the trial version support aol? I would like to give it a try and see if it works flawlessly for me. Was there any specific settings I need to change?
    Yes it does.
    Here are the settings you should use:
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone

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