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    Does anyone know if it's possible to direct the t650's audio to a bluetooth headset when not in a call. Although the sound qaulity would probably suck, I still think it'd be neat to use my headset to listen to movies or mp3 files. Anyone?

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    Damn good question... I'll want to do that when I get my GSM 650
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    Not possible yet, but I am hoping some enterprising developer is working on a fix for this.
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    No, in order to push regular audio through BT, you need an audio gateway profile which isn't on the Treo 650. And even then, a standard BT headset doesn't sound too hot with music due to BT's low bandwidth. Things like audio books are OK, but MP3's would be crappy-sounding.

    There are advanced audio gateway profiles that, in conjunction with a headset's DSP, can push streo sound through BT very well. My iPaq 4700 and HP stereo BT headset work well using this setup. But, again, the Treo 650 doesn't have this profile either.
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    How about a BT headset like the SONORIX Bluetooth Audio Player OBH-0100. It's got built-in mp3 player and is a stereo bluetooth headset compatible with most phones, i believe. I've also heard that the Touch BTH-788 is good, too... probably more stylish-looking.
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    ive actually listened to mp3's with my bt adapter and my laptop.
    the quality aint toooo shabby. but not perfect.

    cant wait for reverse audio gateway profile on the treo......
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    I know this thread is a rather old issue. But thought there may be some developer working on this. any news on this issue ?
    maybe someone is working on creating a BT audio profile...

    edit: Treo 650 doesn't also have FTP profile but we know that Softick made a 3rd party FTP BT profile for it. (know as Bluefiles)
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    I use Bluetake's stereo BT headset. It needs the dongle to transmit the stereo audio to the headset.

    It functions independent of the dongle as a handsfree BT headset for telephone calls.
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    Yeah, you can do it with Freedom by Toysoft. Haven't tried it on the 650 yet, though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by IronBlackLion
    Yeah, you can do it with Freedom by Toysoft. Haven't tried it on the 650 yet, though...
    Nope, not with BT...

    reedom Features

    Freedom: Version 1.2 $14.95 USD

    # Hear the ringtone ring in the headset
    # Compatible with Treo 600
    # Freedom mode to automatically turn on speaker or headset
    # Manually set speaker or headset
    # Mono and Stereo settings
    # Support PocketTunes with headset button to rewind and skip track
    # Stop PocketTunes when you get a phone call
    # Supports all applications
    # Supports Treo(R) ear piece
    # Supports all Treo(R) compatible headsets
    # Very simple User Interface

    Freedom does not work the Bluetooth on the Treo650 but it DOES with the headset.

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