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    Does anyone know of a decimal minute stopwatch for the PalmOS? Decimal minutes (a minute broken into 100 segments instead of 60) are used for timing car (TSD) rallys and I believe are used in horse racing as well.
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    Let me make sure I understand your request:

    Are you wanting 150 minutes to represent 1.5 hours.


    Are you asking for a stopwatch that shows the milliseconds (ie: 1.5 minutes = 00:01:50)

    I thought you wanted the first option, but then you stated that you wanted the minutes broken into 100 parts which would be milliseconds.

    Please clarify and we can go from there... I have one that shows milliseconds, but haven't seen one for 100 minute hours.


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    What I'm looking for is 100 units=1 minute.
    A standard minute is normally broken into 60 units (seconds). However, a decimal minute is broken down into 100 units. (Each of these units calculates to .6 seconds. i.e. 100 units @ .6 seconds each = 1 minute)
    (or, 15 seconds shows as .25, 30 seconds as .5, 45 seconds as .75, etc...)
    There are stopwatches made that do this (often 'precision') however, they are VERY expensive, and hard to work with when you are racing.

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