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    I just got the treo 600 & need to be able to view pdf's, excel and word docs when they are attached to emails. Do I need to download something for this? If so where do I go for that? I am relatively new at this type of tech. Thanks.
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    PDF's can't be viewed natively on the 600. You can download acrobat reader for the palm but pdfs have to run trhough the app on your desktop machine.

    To read word/excel you need Docs to Go or other commercial software.
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    I'm not sure I follow you w/ the pdf. Can I not have someone from my office send me an email w/ a pdf attachment and view it? Is there a website I can go to download Docs to Go or other commercial software?
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    You can have someone from your office load the Adobe software to convert the .pdf to a file readable by the Treo, and then have them email it to you. I believe this will work, but you definitely can't natively read a .pdf file without running it through Adobe's desktop software.

    The Documents To Go viewer edition should have been included with the software on the CD that came with your Treo. You can't edit, but can view incoming files (.xls, .doc, etc)

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