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    It looks like I'll be eligible to upgrade to the 650 in March of next year. I've seen the gripes with the file system and the such of the 650, but I figure most of these problems will be solved once I order one in a few months. I've gone through three Treo 600s, and my first one had much better reception than my current one (although I had the battery drain problem with my original launch unit).

    My question for those of you that know, does the Sprint Treo 650 have better reception than the Sprint Treo 600? How does it compare?

    I'm on the edge of service at my house and I hate how my 600 goes in and out of service all of the time. If the 650 is even slighty better, then I shouldn't have any problems.
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    The T650 is the first phone I've had that worked in my condo elevator. The T600 usually dropped.
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    Just upgraded from a Treo 600 and my seat of the pants feeling is that my T650 gets better reception. I seem to have more bars in the building at work. At other places where I normally might have only one or two bars I now have two or three plus...

    And the screen makes it all worth it!
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    Definitely better reception on the 650. Not the same for the construction however.
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    Ditto ... it works in my house better whereas the 600 did not.
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    Great! Thanks for the responses. I can hardly wait until the end of March!
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    Hate to be the only sourpuss, but the 650's reception is about the same for me as the 600. I wish it had better reception since I have the same issue with very marginal coverage at home. With that said, the 650 was still worth the upgrade for me.
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    I experienced numerous dropped calls on my 600, some (but not all) of them related directly to coverage (as opposed to those odd, phantom drops when three or more bars are showing). On my 650, I've experienced less than half as many. Where I have really bad reception with Sprint in general with every phone I've owned (say, my house), however, reception is about the same. So, what's that mean? I have no idea...
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    The 650 is at least as good for me. I never really had much of a problem on the 600 either, but I am seeing better signal in some of my old trouble spots.
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    For me it is about the same. No phone can touch the Sanyos I have had. They always seem to do the best with Sprint. The Treos are pretty good in general (way better than the Nokias).
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    a major reason to upgrade for me was hope for better reception (been meaning to post about it).
    Its definitely better for me. 1-2 bars @ home on 600. 2-3! usually 3 bars @ home now, a e bar improvement now! needless to say I am pleased.
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    Bars aren't necessarily a good way to measure reception. Isn't there a ## code, or a program to measure the signal?? I remember seeing one before, maybe someone else can help me out with what I'm talking about. Then we could get some REAL comparisons going.
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    Sprint told me that I do not qualify for a rebate till June, my reply was if you do not give me the rebate NOW I will switch to cingular when they get the 650 (which should be in Jan). needless to say I am replying using my 650
    Treoing & Loving it

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