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    Hi guys,

    I am a new convert from the PocketPC to the Palm Treo 650 and would like to invite your suggestions on equivalent or better programs that I used on the pocket pc regularly to make my switch more useful for me:
    • Contacts, To-Do, Calendar (need the categories to sync with Microsoft Outlook and allow organization by categories)
    • Pocket Money (needs to sync with Microsoft Money 2005 along with it’s categories)
    • eWallet (need a recommendation for a 128 bit encrypted personal info program)
    • Picture viewer (does the palm have a good picture viewer?)
    • SuperAlert (repeating wake up alarm…does the Palm have a repeating alarm?)
    • Pilot Logbook (for commercial flying/flight time record keeping)

    Any hardware suggestions that you can recommend I look at?
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    AcidImage I would recmommend for picture viewing. Snappermail is a must.

    I use BigClock as my alarm clock (it's free and has been waking me up for years).

    SplashId, SplashMoney, Splash* would be the info programs that might suit best.

    I think I saw a pilot logbook on a Palm Freeware site, butI can't rember it. Google for it.

    The PIM stuff syncs with Outlook with the condiut included on the CD, but Palm Desktop is much more usable, IMHO.

    That's all I have for now ... i'm sure you'll get a million replies.
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    I carry both (PPC and Palm) regularly and this is what I use:

    -Contacts/Calendar/To-do- I just use the built in apps. They sync fine and give me all the functionality I need.
    -Pocket Money-- Ultrasoft Money Syncs with Money 2005 and works better (IMHO) than Money for PPC
    -eWallet-- I use eWallet (it has a PC, PPC, and Palm interface that all will use the same file).
    -Picture Viewer-- I use the built in app.
    -Pilot Logbook-- Can't help with this one.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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    For the commercial flying you cant go wrong with this:

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