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    Any ideas where I can get the rubber grommet for the back of the 600 ?

    Its the one just below the ariel.

    I'm moving from the UK to Canada, and will have to go through the fun and games of unlocking, or pay 20 ($47) to Orange for the pleasure, undecided on that atm.

    Though apart from the wi-fi and bluetooth has any one seen a decent reason, or list to upgrade ?

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    Have you tried to get them to unlock it?
    Have you told them you are cancelling yet?

    What I do to get TMObile to unlock phones is just tell them that I will be traveling overseas on vacation and wish to use prepaid GSM services while I am there, I have never had them give me any trouble, just get an unlock code and it's all good..
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    I asked them and they said that it was 20 "As they had to request the info from the manufactures"

    Yea I've canceled the contract for the end of jan so they probally don't care now.

    I was thinking of "loosing it" so I could get the latest harward version on insurace before I leave though.

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