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    This is a frustrating problem because I'm 1/2 way to where I want to be and can't get the other 1/2.

    I'm running Notes R5 on my company Laptop along with Sprint BC Personal. When I look at the "Settings" tab on the laptop, as long (in "Advanced Settings") I specify:

    Proxy Settings: "Automatically detect settings


    Authentication for proxy server (if required): leave blank

    then I get the green BC connected icon in the system tray. I can wirelessly receive email onto the 650. BUT, I can't send. Every attempt, just to send an email from my Notes mailbox to myself fails. BC tells me "1 or more of your messages couldn't be delivered. Check them in the Outbox". I do and the message is there alright. Undelivered. With no error message.

    My first thought was to specify a proxy server, but any attempt to speficy one causes me to lose my BC connection. Select the "Automatically detect settings" radio button again & I've got my connection back.

    Any ideas?

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    Chances are, your mail is being rejected for some reason by the server. Inside the Sprint BC folder (usually under program files), you will find two logs: slingshot.log and connector.log (amount a bunch of other files). Look in there for an ERROR when sending mail. I usually just delete the slingshot log before trying any troubleshooting, as it will just recreate itself.


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