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    My 650 resets whenever I push sent in the mailbow in Vesamail? Anyone know how to fix it?

    help please
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    Mine just did this too, 3 times in a row.
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    Sorry mine worked just fine, I tested it. Check the mail setting for the account you are trying to use.
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    I got tired of this issue and installed SnapperMail. I've been using SM ever since and no problems!
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    Just to clarify what is happening; when I go from the Inbox view to the dropdown and select "Sent" it brings up the Sent view for a second then resets. I cannot open a Sent mail or do anything in that folder before it resets. I can access Deleted Items, Drafts fine and I can send and receive mail with no issue.
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    Mine worked fine -- no reset
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    Sounds like this has been covered...I may go back to Snapper too.
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    mine works fine too, sorry for the earlier misunderstanding
    Treoing & Loving it
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    Quote Originally Posted by tanstaafl
    Mine worked fine -- no reset
    Mine works fine most but not all of the time. Annoying, but nothing more than annoying at this point.
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    problem solved. delete account. add it again. send a message check the sent.

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