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    While this may not be completely on topic for the 650 Hardware thread I thought it would get the most coverage here.

    For those of you who are restaurant owners, how are you using your Treos (pref 600/650) to facilitate business? For example, other that using your Treo as a rolodex are there other unique ways a Treo can assist you with your business.

    My motive for knowing is that I'm thinking about getting into the industry and would like to understand some of the challenges (e.g. logistical, etc.) your Treo has helped you overcome.

    Thanks much!
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    bump...this forum moves quickly!
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    I own some restaurants, but have never used the Treo in that manner. I mostly used the Treo600 for away from office issues. I also own a Real Estate firm, General Contracting Firm, etc... so it help me to be able to connect to the internet, and have access to my e-mail and fax, and editing files. It is also great for remote desktop to your computer, or any computer for that matter.

    But you can buy POS software for your restaurant and then use a PDA for you front end table staff to take order on. That way they don't have to write it down and then go to a terminal to send the ticket back to the kitchen. I wouldn't use a Treo for this though, for a couple of reasons:

    1) the treo cost is too high for that use
    2) having a phone on it will not help you control cost with staff (trust me, they will make phone calls!)
    3) you can do better with a simple PDA if all you are doing is order entry at table side

    Also, before you invest in a Palm PDA or a PPC PDA, make sure the primary POS software that you are using will work with the OS on the PDAs you buy.

    I have used a PPC PDA prior to getting the Treo600 (and I see no reason why the Treo can not be used in this same manner) to caculater cost of goods purchase, to place orders with vendors, etc... there just is a ton of things that you can do with a PDA (but this is not limited to a Treo or a PPC).

    If you need any other information about the restaurant business, just let me know, I would be glad to supply you with any information you may need. Good Luck on your new venture!
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    John, thanks for the response. I didn't even know you could use POS (point of service - for those confused like I was initially ) software on your Treo/PDA. That's a great little feature. Although I do agree with you - supplying staff with an army of Treos is probably not the best option.

    I'm in the process of doing some due diligence with respect to restaurant operations. So I'm trying to figure out which trades I should be reading and what restaurant management 101 book I should be getting. I come from a legal background, so I deal with the transactional side of the restaurant business (eg setting up company, operating agreement, investor subscriptions, etc.) - I know diddley about management and operations. That's the part of the business which I believe is fun, challenging and uber rewarding.

    Any advice would be gravy. You can PM me if you'd like.

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