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    Which GPS software for the Palm would allow me to load a whole state onto an SD card with street level detail? Mapopolis seems to only give me a small map of the county/city that I select. Thanks!
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    Tom Tom GPS for Palm. Available in both Serial and Bluetooth packages.
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    Mapopolis allows you to do this - I keep my entire state loaded normally. If you load one county's map in Mapopolis, it will load any adjacent maps that you have on the SD card. If you have all counties from your state on the SD card, you'll see a unified view of all of them.

    Note that you'll face memory limits on this, e.g., if the maps add up to more than the free RAM on your 650, then you're out of luck and will have to scale back to just counties surrounding your county, or something similar.
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    How does tomtom handle the memory limits? They have regional maps well in excess of available memory, i.e. 160 megs. Does tomtom seamlessly load and drop the maps on the fly?

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