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    what does this tell us regarding the superiority of the 650?
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    It tells us that Sprint hasn't gotten around to reducing the Treo 600 yet.
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    Which was really cool when it came time for me to get a warranty swap
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    IMHO, that's Sprint being Sprint and forgetting to update the 600's price. Kinda like how when I go to my Sprint PCS account, I still own an "unknown device". Just like how they have no accessories for the 650, but tried to sell me 600 accessories (like a car charger) that won't work. Just like they can't figure out that if PalmOne is going to release a new phone every 12 months or so that an 18-month upgrade policy *might* upset the early adopters.

    Bottom line: Big company, small common sense. But then, as some have stated, at least when you have an issue with the 600, they might exchange it for a 650 since they ARE the same price.

    Heck, the local CompUSA had the 600 HIGHER priced when I was in there last - the rebate for the 650 didn't apply to the 600.

    Then again, my friends bought some four packs of Smirnoff Ice the other night for $.54 each - cause that's how the register rang them up. The cashier didn't even find it odd, suggested that they should get more at that price! Needless to say, they did.
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