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    IS ANYONE ELSE STILL WAITING FOR TREO 650 FROM Vienna (RoadShow promotion)

    After having my ordered cancelled, and having to email proof of registration and
    give details of presentation. my order was approved around Dec. 1
    he said "hopefully we can ship in 2-3 weeks"
    I am order 1271 has anyone after me recieved their Treo 650
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    There are a lot of people who are still waiting...current shipping number is in the low 700s from what can be determined in the Thread about this very topic.
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    There's an ongoing thread with status updates from people who have ordered, and in some cases received, 650s from VC. Search for it.
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    You do not have to search for it, it's alway on the front page.
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    waiting for the brown truck
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenng
    waiting for the brown truck
    I should've had mine shipped to my office. :down:
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    I guess if you signed up for Demo you will be waiting till ... who knows.
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    Im still waiting, im order 91X. I was told a week or two more by jeff.
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    still waiting - and one of the few not watching the door for it to arrive. i know i'll get it eventually - and my current cell phone and pda work fine. i ordered circa 28 November several weeks after attending the morning session of the DC show. no e-mails other than one I received a few days after my order indicating shipping several weeks out and a promise my card won't be charged until then.
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