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    Hi all --

    I managed to find a Treo 650 GSM unlocked on eBay and won the auction. The seller says that it has the SIM card slot, but oddly lists Sprint PCS as a compatible wireless provider. He also states in the very intro of the description that it can be used on GSM and CDMA networks. As expected, I'm VERY hesitant about this since the product is not available yet. I do, know, however that they are floating around for developers and so on, so it's certainly not totally out of the question. After finding a story on Engadget about a seller posting a phony auction with pictures from *their* website, I am more hesitant, although that story was posted back in September -- loooong before the product was even announced. It doesn't seem any others have been attempted since that.

    This is the item in question:

    I e-mailed the seller and asked him to produce verifiable proof of the legitimacy of the product. This includes a picture of the info label on the box with a post-it or other note displaying my e-mail address, a picture of the back of the phone with the battery removed so I can see the ESN and other info. And of course, I requested the S/N so I can call PalmOne and verify that it is in fact a valid serial and there's no funny business. I also asked if he could power up the phone and test it with a GSM carrier (his contact info lists him as a Sprint PCS user), so we will see.

    What do you guys think? Fraud or very rare coincidence that one actually exists and that I won it? I want to give this dude the benefit of the doubt, but obviously I am trying to protect myself. If I can back out of the transaction prior to any money changing hands I will be much happier, if needed.

    Also - check out the questions from buyers. He said that the phone has the SIM slot. I know the CDMA version does *not*.


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    For your sake I hope its legit Jaron...But I really wish you had of asked for this info before bidding. But hell I guess the worst that could happen is negative feedback if you decide not to pay
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    If you pay, and I would not- make sure you do it with a CC company that has a good policy for things like this. In the worst cases, ebay will only credit you up to $175.

    This looks very bad to me. Seller has only been around a couple of weeks and there is no feedback. I would have never bid on this. At the same time, you are somewhat at fault yourself. You cant bid on something and then ask questions, you need to ask questions first. Once you bid, you buy.

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    Clearly this guy is selling a Sprint model AND a GSM nodel that his "friend" appropriated from his employer (probably a wireless carrier). You can bet your bottom dollar that you are not getting a dual CDMA/GSM model, but you just bought a very expensive CDMA or GSM phone......

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    There were a lot of scams with similar language before the phones were available. I would make sure that he has a confirmed PayPal address so if it is a scam you can get your money back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheltowee
    There were a lot of scams with similar language before the phones were available. I would make sure that he has a confirmed PayPal address so if it is a scam you can get your money back.
    Western Union, Eastern Europe, 100% positive feedback but only from sellers, having a product that is not available.

    These are 4 common red flags.

    scam, scam, scam

    Just follow the well used quote: If its too good to be true, it usually is....

    Coming here to ask first was also a very good idea.
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    Let us know if it works out for you jaronbrass... good luck! I actually bid on a GSM 650 when they first came out. Long story short, the seller (had great feedback) didn't have the product yet and when he found out he actually had 600's...refunded the money to us all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaronbrass
    Hi all --
    I managed to find a Treo 650 GSM unlocked on eBay and won the auction.-Jaron
    Looks like you won that puppy! Please let us know how it ends and if you actually receive the unit.
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    ANY ebay seller that says not to go through ebay to contact him, but gives you a seperate email address, is probably a fraud. What they have done is "hijacked" somebody's ebay account, which is why it shows positive feedback. If you actually ues the ebay "contact seller" option you get the REAL owner of the account and they won't have any idea that there is a 650 being sold under their name.

    Also check out the text closely. most of these scams, so far, give themself away with the text or the photos. One current one that I have reoprted says "650" unlocked GSM in the headline and has a phono of a 650, but the text talks about an N-Gage. Then it says, contact him directly at an outside email, not through ebay since "his mailbox is full" Don't fall for it.
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    Dude, the seller has no feedback, there are no photos of the actual phone (just images ripped from P1's site) and no evidence that I can see that this guy even has this phone. Be VERRRRY careful. This auction reeks of something shady! I'd ask him for a home phone number that you can call him on to verify his identity, should he rip you off.
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    Well, he has spoken! Very nastily, too... Almost lambasting me for calling him a liar in my previous mail. Oh well. I'm the customer, he needs to meet my demands. Here is his reply. Notice the signature.


    Box is sealed and will not be opened. I also do not have a digital camera to take a photo of the box or would have posted a picture of it in the auction. If had any concerns regarding authenticity of phone should not have bid on item. All questions are to be asked before bidding. The phone has no carrier written on it and should most certainly work fine using GSM. Anyway, you have another 2 days to submit paypal payment before item will be sold to next bidder and non-paying bidder report sent(3 of which can cause suspension of account). ESN of phone will be emailed to winning person after submitment of paypal payment for security purposes.
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    What do you guys think?
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    I think if he has a sprint phone capable of probably has a camera in it too! Don't trust this guy!!! File a complaint with ebay for fraud...he's trying to sell you something he doesn't even have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fake Ebay Seller

    You need to get in touch with eBay's SafeHarbor people. Near as I can tell, there is no cell phone out there that runs on EVERYBODY'S phone service. They guy sold you something he doesn't have. Nobody has this kind of thing. He will be taken off eBay and there won't be any negative feedback for you.
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    Thank you for the replies everybody. Just wanted to add a few bits here using research I have done today.

    - He is a VERIFIED PayPal member (although a new member, he is verified which means somewhere, somehow PayPal validated and verified his info)
    - He is NOT ID Verified or anything else on eBay
    - He uses Sprint PCS and probably Sprint PCS Vision, which means his phone probably does have a camera. It may not be of high enough quality to be legible, but at least it is something.
    - I called him a short while ago, received voicemail. Sounded like a young kid and not someone older. Was a US area code though, so I have a somewhat better feeling this is not a Euro-scam. Plus, the headers from his correspondence do reflect accurately where he lives.

    Now this really could be real. Or most likely isn't. Since he is refusing to send me details I am having major issues. I will most likely just pay him using PayPal and my Amex card and see what happens. If he screws around, Amex will throw the book at him and who knows what else. They're pretty tough on fraud.
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    Don't count on Amex for PayPal dispute. It's NOT 100% certain. Amex on a direct purchase, yes ... but through PayPal they won't always be there for you. I would contact PayPal and have them verify that the account isn't hijacked BEFORE you send the guy money. Worse case you'll risk a negative feedback, best case you'll save yourself a lot of money .... in either case you'll buy the phone cheaper in a few more weeks.
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    Thanks MisterEd, I just got off the phone with them and they pretty much echoed exactly what you said. I'm going to give this guy a little while longer to satisfy my request. If he does not, I've already notified eBay about this and they seem to want to side with me. I could care less about the negative feedback, after all, I can reply to the feedback and say he was a phony. I know Expansys has the phone available in January '05, and I think I'm pretty high up on the list. If this doesn't work out I guess I'll be having a Treo-less Christmas, but I'd still be saving myself money in the long run.
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    Does alos the seller tell you to wire the funds using Western Union?
    dont bother. it is a scam. I've tried contacting one of the sellers that he is selling one for $280USD!. He supposely lives in the US from the seller description but when ask he gave an address in Romania where he told me to wire the funds.
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    No - this seller only accepts PayPal - no wire transfers. According to eBay, he also has a US address. I feel better knowing that if I do send money I'm more protected, but I still have that lump in my throat.
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    total scam. Hope you dont get screwed.
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    Kid, I know you want the phone really, really badly, but don't send the guy any money, OK? Let him howl all he wants. First, he don't have the phone, there isn't any phone out there like he says. Second, if he did somehow get hold of a stash of TREO 650 GSM's, I think PalmOne and Sprint would take some kind of legal action against him. This stinks, really bad. DON'T send the guy any money!!!
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